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Listen to Karen our Reflexologist on BBC Radio Essex

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Indian Head Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Holistic Massage Therapy Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Hot Stone Therapy Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex

We specialise in fertility treatment, Essex

Karen was on BBC Radio Essex talking about reflexology for National Reflexology Awareness Week.  Listen to her discussing popular topics by clicking on the icons opposite.

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If you’re looking for natural fertility treatment in Essex then we can help.

Fertility treatment Essex - Introduction

Karen is our fertility specialist.  Fertility reflexology is the main basis for your sessions.  On top of this, you have the option to add a fertility massage as well.  You can do this at the start of your sessions as a boost, or continually.    

During your sessions, you have the option to talk about how nutrition can affect things.  Karen is a trained in nutritionist, so we can take a look at your diet and use this to work in your favour as a fertility treatment.

We’ll also look at other elements of your lifestyle and see whether anything can be changed to work in favour of fertility treatment – small changes often make massive differences when combined. Working as a specialist in natural fertility on a daily basis means we know about things like ovulation calculators and checking the signs of ovulation so you’re sure you know what you’re doing.

Karen is also a trained counsellor, so you can use your fertility sessions to make sure that you’re getting rid of negative feelings in a safe, protected environment without fear of retribution.  

Fertility treatment Essex – Fertility reflexology

Fertility reflexology helps to balance your system and control stress via pressure points on your feet.  Have you ever noticed how tired you feel when you’re stressed?  By feeling more relaxed, your body has the necessary energy to operate as it should do naturally.  

We are also amazingly effective at balancing your endocrine system which controls the production and balance of hormones.  Critical for natural fertility treatment. Find out more

Fertility treatment Essex - Fertility massage

Fertility massage works areas specific to reproduction.  Where fertility reflexology uses pressure points on your feet, fertility massage works the area directly.  We’re looking at places like your lower back where the nerves feed in to the reproductive system to relieve constrictions that may be preventing free flow of information to these critical organs.  We’re also looking at massaging your stomach and bowel area to help ensure that there are no toxins lingering around close to your reproductive system. Contact us

Fertility treatment Essex – Male fertility

Statistics show male infertility is involved in approx. 25% of all infertility cases.  Reflexology can help men with fertility problems in the same way it can women. You will undergo a series of reflexology treatments designed to restore equilibrium to your body, whilst reducing stress. Working reflexes related to your reproductive organs will clear congestion and boost blood circulation in the area.  Discounts are provided for men and women undertaking infertility reflexology treatments as a package Find out more

Fertility treatment Essex – Nutrition

Natural fertility treatment can be supported by your diet.  This doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but you do need to know what to eat and when.  We’ll work with your likes and dislikes to make sure you have all the information to make the best informed choices. It’s not about being perfect all of the time, it’s about living a full life in the best way possible for fertility treatment as well as being a person who lives and loves life whilst you’re waiting to get pregnant. Contact us

Fertility treatment Essex – Lifestyle

How much sleep do you get?  Are you active? How much stress are you under?  These are all questions that are relevant to your natural fertility treatment.  We’ll go through them with you as well as a host of others and over time we’ll work out a fertility treatment plan that works for you and your busy lifestyle.  Contact us

Essential Feeling are full members of the Association of Reflexologists

The AoR is the foremost professional body for fully qualified Reflexologists in the UK.  They exist to promote and progress reflexology.  Essential Feeling are full accredited members (MAR) so when you book your reflexology treatment with Essential Feeling, you do so in the knowledge that you are booking with a Reflexologists trained to professional standards and accredited by the foremost body for the industry in the UK. Contact us

Essential Feeling are based in Gidea Park, near Romford in Essex.  

To make an appointment, call us on 01708 747991 and give us your ideal date and time and we’ll try our best to work something out as near to that as possible.  If you’d prefer to email, we’re on If you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, there has been a problem, so please chase us up via phone in case your email has gone in to the black hole of cyberspace.

Essential Feeling are specialists in Fertility Treatment, Essex.  

We are qualified in every fertility treatment that we offer and have considerable success with our clients.  It’s important to understand though that this isn’t a one size fits all science and your input is critical to success.  We can’t get you pregnant, there are certain things you need to do yourself to get there!  What we can do is give you natural fertility treatment and then it’s down to you how you use the content of that treatment plan.

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